Вектор (математик ба физик)

Чөлөөт нэвтэрхий толь — Википедиагаас
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Векторууд[засварлах | edit source]

  • Евклидийн вектор, хэмжээ ба чиглэл бүхий геометр биет, мөн эерэг (эерэгээр тодорхойлогдсон) дотоод уламжлал; евклидийн векторын огторгуйн элемент. Физикт, евклидийн вектор нь хэмжээ ба чиглэлтэй, хүч г.м. физик хэмжигдэхүүнүүдийг илэрхийлэхэд ашиглагддагаараа скаляр хэмжигдэхүүнээс ялгагдана (скаляр хэмжигдэхүүн нь чиглэл үгүй).
  • Векторын огторгуйн элемент
    • Суурь вектор, өгөгдсөн векторын огторгуйн, вектор бүрийг шугаман хослолоороо (комбинаци) төлөөлж чадах, бүлэг векторуудын нэг
    • Coordinate vector, in linear algebra, an explicit representation of an element of any abstract vector space
    • Row vector or column vector, a one-dimensional matrix often representing the solution of a system of linear equations
    • An element of the real coordinate space Rn
  • Random vector or multivariate random variable, in statistics, a set of real-valued random variables that may be correlated
  • Vector projection, also known as the vector resolute or vector component, a linear mapping producing a vector parallel to a second vector
  • The vector part of a quaternion, a mathematical entity which is one possible generalisation of a vector
  • Null vector, a vector whose magnitude is zero
  • Position vector, a vector representing the position of a point in an affine space in relation to a reference point
  • Displacement vector, a vector that specifies the change in position of a point relative to a previous position
  • Gradient vector, the vector giving the magnitude and direction of maximum increase of a scalar field
  • Poynting vector, in physics, a vector representing the energy flux density of an electromagnetic field
  • Wave vector, a vector representation of the local phase evolution of a wave
  • Tangent vector, an element of the tangent space of a curve, a surface or, more generally, a differential manifold at a given point.
  • Gyrovector, a hyperbolic geometry version of a vector
  • Axial vector, or pseudovector, a quantity that transforms like a vector under proper rotation but not generally under reflection
  • Darboux vector, the areal velocity vector of the Frenet frame of a space curve
  • Four-vector, in the theory of relativity, a vector in a four-dimensional real vector space called Minkowski space
  • Interval vector, in musical set theory, an array that expresses the intervallic content of a pitch-class set
  • P-vector, the tensor obtained by taking linear combinations of the wedge product of p tangent vectors
  • Probability vector, in statistics, a vector with non-negative entries that sum to one
  • Spin vector, or Spinor, is an element of a complex vector space introduced to expand the notion of spatial vector
  • Tuple, an ordered list of numbers, sometimes used to represent a vector
  • Unit vector, a vector in a normed vector space whose length is 1