"Монголын Ардын арми"-ны өөр хувилбарууд

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==Монголын ардын армийн Агаарын цэргийн хүч 1925–1945 он==
{{Гол|"Монгол ард" нисэх онгоцны эскадриль}}
The Mongolian People's Army Aviation drastically improved with Soviet training and vastly ameliorated within a time span of several years. In May 1925, a [[Junkers F.13]] entered service as the first aircraft in Mongolian civil and military-related aviation. In March 1931, the [[Soviet Union]] donated three [[Polikarpov R-1]]s to the Mongolian People's Army, with Mongolia further purchasing three R-1s.<ref name="Walg1 p18-9">Walg ''Air Enthusiast'' November/December 1996, pp. 18–19.</ref> In 1932, an [[1932 armed uprising in Mongolia|uprising broke out]] against [[Collectivization]], which saw both Soviet and Mongolian-operated R-1s taking part in actions against the rebellion. The aircraft carried out reconnaissance, [[Airborne leaflet propaganda|leaflet dropping]], and bombing missions<ref name="Walg1 p19-0">Walg ''Air Enthusiast'' November/December 1996, pp. 19–20.</ref> Chinese intelligence reports that in 1945 the Mongolian People's Air Force had been with a three-fighter and three-bomber aviation-[[regiment]], and one flight training school and greater air [[Squadron (aviation)|squadrons]]. It was reported that headquartered in the [[Kempeitai|Mukden Manchukuo spy-section]] in October 1944 air force whole units had been 180 aircraft and 1231 flight and technical personnel. The Mongolian People's Army Aviation demonstrated its full potential during the [[Battle of Khalkhin Gol]], which was its largest engagement. Apart from intercepting intruding aircraft, People's Aviation was used heavily to repress domestic rebel movements.


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