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:: [http://stats.grok.se/de/latest30/Mongolei diese Statistik] үүнийг өөрийн викид оруулах мөн
:: [https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki%3APageinfo-footer&type=revision&diff=140528575&oldid=136099495 diese Bearbeitung] үүнийг ямар ч админ дуурайлган хийх эрхтэй гэх юм. Админ биш бол үүнийг хийх эрх байхгүй юм байна. Үүнийг заваараа судалж үзээрэй. Хүндэтгэсэн [[Хэрэглэгч:Munkhzaya.E|Munkhzaya.E]] ([[Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Munkhzaya.E|talk]]) 08:44, 20 Нэгдүгээр сар 2016 (UTC)
== ESEAP Conference 2018 ==
I’m Biyanto from Wikimedia Indonesia who organized ESEAP Conference. [[:meta:ESEAP Conference 2018|ESEAP Conference 2018]] is a regional conference for Wikimedia communities throughout the ESEAP region: ESEAP stands for East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific. Taking place in Bali, Indonesia on 5–6 May 2018, this is the first regional conference for these Wikimedia communities.
East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific are the most under-represented regions within the Wikimedia community. There is a significant number of Wikimedia contributors in our regions, yet we continue to struggle in establishing a well-managed community. This conference will bring participants from various ESEAP communities together in order to better understand the issues and to look for solutions. It also aims to connect people of the Wikimedia movement within ESEAP regions, to share ideas, and to build regional collaborations that are impossible to achieve through online communication.
We’ve got a lot of participation from several countries, but we’re lacking from your country. As we need more participants from your country, we believe that your contribution and participation would be a valuable asset to the success of this event. If you would like to participate in the conference, please do fill the [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScedLPDBCZG6C6v1x_a3xiTh7BTO0j2odFRx5bU4QMzI9lk0Q/viewform form] as soon as possible (by April 5, 2018) and we’ll inform you if you get selected for the conference.
Thank you and we hope to see you soon.
--[[Хэрэглэгч:Beeyan|Beeyan]] ([[Хэрэглэгчийн яриа:Beeyan|talk]]) 20:30, 28 Гуравдугаар сар 2018 (UTC)


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