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This template documentation is transcluded from Загвар:Tnavbar/doc [edit]

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Баримт бичиг[засварлах]


Өгүүлбэр зүй[засварлах]



This template is used to instrument other templates (navboxes, infoboxes, etc.) with easy but inobstruve links to view, discuss, and edit them.


Copyable examples when inside a given template adds Tnavbar navigational functionality:

The {{subst:PAGENAME}} will be substituted with the template's name when parsed by the servers.
{{Tnavbar|Tnavbar/doc}} gives:
Энэ загварыг: үзэх  хэлэлцэх  засварлах

Note about changes[засварлах]

This template is represented across potentially aa huge number of pages, so please tread lightly when editing here. Conducting sufficient sandbox testing (Tnavbar specific) to establish the validity of edits relative to Tnavbar is strongly encouraged prior to attempting to integrate changes.


{{Tnavbar|Name of Template|mini= |nodiv= |fontcolor= }}

Required parameters[засварлах]

  • {{Tnavbar|Name of Template}} the template name is required.

Optional parameters[засварлах]

Optional parameter Produces...
No "This box:" text. {{Tnavbar|Template Name|plain=1}} No "This box:" text.
{{Tnavbar|Template Name|nodiv=1}} Good for "blending" into text.  Энэ загварыг: үзэх  хэлэлцэх  засварлах  Good for "blending" into text.
Blended no "This box:" text. {{Tnavbar|Template Name|plain=1|nodiv=1}} Blended no "This box:" text.  үзэх  хэлэлцэх  засварлах 
Makes Tnavbar display in a mini version: {{Tnavbar|Template Name|mini=1}} like so. Makes Tnavbar display in a mini version:
ү  х  з
like so.
{{Tnavbar|Template Name|mini=1|nodiv=1}} Good for "blending" into text.  ү  х  з  Good for "blending" into text.
For a fuller simpler access option. {{Tnavbar|Template Name|viewplain=1}} For a fuller simpler access option.
For a simpler access option. {{Tnavbar|Template Name|miniv=1}} For a simpler access option.
For a color option. {{Tnavbar|Template Name|fontcolor=color}} For a color option.
Энэ загварыг: үзэх  хэлэлцэх  засварлах