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Template that returns an error message if the first argument is not valid for use with other nuclide templates helper templates.

Usage[edit source]

When using a string that is not a valid element name or symbol or "x" or "element", an error message is returned, like so:

The "link=yes" argument is also supported; if the element name or symbol has no associated link, an error message is returned, like so:

When using a common name for an element that goes against the Wikipedia style guide for element names, a warning message will be returned. There are currently three such names:

This template can be used in other templates to check for error before calling other templates that require a valid element or symbol like so:

{{#ifexpr:{{CheckElement|{{{element argument}}}|link={{{link|}}} }}
 | {{Element|{{{element argument}}} }} is the best element in the whole world
 | Bad input for element name or symbol

Мөн үзэх[edit source]