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Edit-paste.svg Энэ бол заавар, категори, эсвэл бусад мэдээлэл техникийн зориулалтаар хадгалагддаг зааврын дэд хуудас юм. Загвар хуудсыг нь үзэхийг хүсвэл, Загвар:Babel-ийг үзнэ үү.

Documentation[edit source]

Use this box to specify your language skills on your user page.

Unnamed parameters[edit source]

The unnamed arguments specify a language each. They consist of a code for the language (usually two characters, sometimes more) and a number for the skill level, seperated by a dash (-).

Using en for English as an example:

  • en no dash and number: native speaker
  • en-5 professional skills (writes this language for a living)
  • en-4 near-native skills (can pass for a native speaker in everyday situations)
  • en-3 advanced skills (can write non-trivial text)
  • en-2 intermediate skills (can write simple text)
  • en-1 low skills (can read simple text)
  • en-0 no skills (only use this, when the context would otherwise imply that you do speak a language)

If a template for the selected language and skill level exists, then the label will appear at the respective position within the box. For creating new label templates, see {{Babel field}}.

Named parameter[edit source]

There is an optional named parameter:

  • float=left causes the box to float to the left of the page (default to the right, other values have no effect)

Person speaking[edit source]

Language labels may support gender (or other) specific text. The named argument "person" is passed to the label templates unchanged for this purpose. Standard values are:

  • n for neutral text (ene khun...)
  • m for male text (ene eregtei khun ...)
  • f for female text (ene emegtei khun...)
  • 1 for first person text (chi...)

Note that not all choices will make sense for all languages. If no "person" argument is specified, or its value isn't supported, then a default text will be shown, as specified by the creator of the label (see examples under {{Babel field}}).

Examples[edit source]

Standard Use:


Left side of page:


Female text:


FIrst person text on left side of page: