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On enwiki, the name is spelled as "Damdingiin Demberel". Google shows 46 results for "Дамдины Дэмбэрэл" and 72 results for "Дамдингийн Дэмбэрэл", which isn't a very significant difference. Are there grammatical arguments to prefer one or the other form? Or can we refer to his "homepage" on maxn.mn as authoritative (assuming that it uses the form he prefers himself)? --Latebird (яриа) 20:57, 1 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]

http://www.maxh.mn/users/demberel/ -s sitename is "Дамдины" but the banner is "Дамдингийн". Pathetic. --Чинээ (яриа) 06:28, 2 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]
Inconsistent name spelling appears to become a fashionable trend in Mongolian politics... So what is the grammatical verdict, then? --Latebird (яриа) 06:56, 2 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]

Well, for Damdiny Sukhbaatar, a google search has 6 for "дамдингийн сүхбаатар"[1] and for 260 "дамдины сүхбаатар"[2] --Чинээ (яриа) 07:13, 2 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]

"Дамдины" is the correct modern way of spelling, though there are many occasions where it is spelled "Дамдингийн" probably following the traditional way of writing (based on traditional Mongolian script). ----ОригМонгол 07:54, 2 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]
The Sükhbaatar example is quite convincing. I guess it will make sense to standardize on the modern form for people of the 20th century, and especially for living people. If I hear no objections, then I'll rename the article on enwiki to "Damdiny Demberel" as well. --Latebird (яриа) 21:39, 2 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]
Modern mongolian grammar is originated from traditional Mongolian script. There are 2 types of "n" (n and ng) in traditional mongolian script. If last character of the original word is just n, we must use -y, otherwise we must use -giin.

For example, Баясгалан was Bayashulang, so we're using like Баясгалангийн. I think that the word "Дамдин" has n, not ng, so Дамдины is correct. --Zorigt 01:35, 3 Есдүгээр сар 2008 (UTC)[хариулах]