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Several online sources spell his name as Ренчингийн Чойном, even on a CD apparently with a reading (singing?) of one of his poems. Now I'm confused seeing it differently here... What's the real deal? --Latebird 23:35, 8 Долоодугаар сар 2007 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]

Someone knows the official spelling? It is always altered between Ринчин, Ренчин, and Ринчен. But for the suffix, it should be -ий, definetely not -гийн. I posted a similar discussion at [Ринчен хэлэлцүүлэг].

Definitely not Ринчин. I am almost sute that Ренчин is the correct spelling. It is the one used on the cover of Choinom's first book edited by Surenjav. Temur 02:19, 9 Долоодугаар сар 2007 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]

I'm willing to accept his book as authoritative... Just rename this one once you're certain, and I'll adapt the transcription in en:WP. Thanks! --Latebird 12:38, 9 Долоодугаар сар 2007 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]

His name is written as "Рэнчиний Чойном" on one of his books called "Сүмтэй Бударын Чулуу" --Chinneeb 13:00, 9 Долоодугаар сар 2007 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]

So.... Will this article get renamed now? --Latebird 17:40, 19 Долоодугаар сар 2007 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]


Ренчиний Чойном гэх нь алдаатай юм шиг санагдаж байна. Ринчингийн Чойном, Ренчингийн Чойном гэвэл зөв болмоор санагдаж байна. Megzer (talk) 13:58, 6 Арванхоёрдугаар сар 2016 (UTC)Reply[хариулах]